Monday, December 26, 2011

The first annual Make Mine Beef Christmas wrap-up

Hello, fellow beef lovers! I hope you all had a fun, safe and blessed Christmas — and a big hunk of beef in the center of your plate.

The Mr. and I had a wonderful Christmas, and had the opportunity to celebrate 3 times. Thursday evening was spent at the Mr.’s parents’ home just down the street from us; Saturday and Sunday was spent with my side of the family at my aunt and uncle’s home in West Texas; and Sunday night we were able to catch the tail-end of Christmas at the Mr.’s grandparents’ home about 10 miles from where we live.
Of course, beef was on the menu both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve we had Sonora casserole and an huge assortment of snacks, appetizer and desserts, and Christmas Day we had some delicious ribeyes cooked on my uncle’s smoker.

I guess Santa thought I was pretty good this year.

The Mr. got me an awesome gift — a Canon digital SLR I got to pick out myself. I had so much fun taking pictures with it at Christmas. It’s very similar to what I use for work and I am so excited to have my own!

...and my parents not only gave the Mr. and me money which we SO appreciated and can't wait to use to get some work done around our house, but gave us lots of awesome goodies! A few of my favorites (Tasha Polizzi zebra vest, Consuela makeup bag, black tunic with black and turquoise embroidered skirt, red cowhide coasters, Urban Decay eye makeup palette in Naked, zebra rhinestone scissors and a sparkly, furry black ear band for cold days) are in the picture below! They also gave me a mini cupcake maker I cannot wait to try.

My aunt and uncle gave the Mr. and me a 6-pack of Choice ribeyes. Awesome gift! We can’t wait to cook them.

Here’s a few of my favorite pics from our multiple celebrations…

 The Mr. and me on Christmas Eve.
My parents on Christmas Eve. 

My aunt, my mom and me on Christmas Day. 

My cousin's sons working on opening the youngest one's biggest present. 

 That's an excited face!

 "I saw this online!" he said when he opened the giant cheetah.

 The ladies on my side of the family. I'm sitting between my mom and my cousin's wife (and wearing one of my presents). My 2 aunts are standing.

 My sister-in-law, brother-in-law and nephew at the Mr.'s family's Christmas.

 My sisters-in-law and me at the Mr.'s family Christmas. Contrary to how I dressed, the celebration was actually not brought to you by Pfizer.
I hope you all had as great of a Christmas (or Christmases) as we did. So, tell me. What were your favorite foods and gifts this year?


  1. Merry late Christmas! We had filets wrapped in bacon! so favorite gift was celebrating our daughters 9th birthday on the 26th. Mr. M and i didn't exhchange gifts...:)

  2. Thank you, and merry late Christmas to you! Oh, bacon-wrapped filets sound delicious. And happy belated birthday to your daughter. What a fun few days y'all must have had!