Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool stuff for cooking

We’ve been eating a lot of our favorites this week since we were without a kitchen for so long. While it’s made for a very yummy week, it hasn’t lent itself to any recipe sharing since I’ve already shared all of these meals with you.
So, while we continue favorites week, I thought it would be fun to show you a few of my random favorite ingredients and convenience items.  Maybe you’ll find something that will help you make things better or faster, too!
(Disclaimer: None of the makers of the items below have paid me in exchange for this super prestigious endorsement. They, like most, have no clue I exist.)
Rhodes dinner rolls are a staple in our house. I first discovered them when preparing Western burgers, but since have used them for just about every roll-having occasion. Not only are the relatively quick (if you use the fast method on the back of the package) and super easy, I love that you can just cook the amount you want.
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Niblets Corn is one of those items I buy and serve weekly. Pop the bag in the microwave for 5 minutes, let it cool for 1 minute, toss the contents in a bowl with some salt and pepper and a little butter and it tastes oh-so-close to fresh. Amazing! I make it a lot for lunch since it’s so quick. Served with a grilled sirloin, you’ve got a healthy lunch for 2-3 in less than 20 minutes.
Garlic pepper is my go-to seasoning for steaks or burgers. We actually buy ours in a much larger container from Sam’s because I use so much of it.
Confession: I no longer use the salt and pepper out of the shakers. For anything. The coarse stuff is just so much prettier and tastier.

Unsalted, real butter is the only way to go for cooking and general baking. (Except, of course, for those baking recipes that call for salted butter or margarine.) I like to keep one box of the regular-sized sticks and one container of the half sticks at all times.
Fiesta fajita seasoning is by far my favorite for seasoning flank steaks or sirloins for Mexican dishes.

If I’m making anything with taco meat, you can bet it’ll be seasoned with McCormick’s hot taco seasoning mix. I let my simmer longer than the package calls for to add a little more spice. I’ve made homemade taco seasoning before, but always come back to this. Who knew 59 cents could taste so good?
We love peppercorns in my house and this marinade is awesome! I regularly use it on the 500 degree roast or for grilled steaks.
I hope you enjoyed a photo tour of some of my favorite things. What are your go-to convenience items?


  1. Great post! I think our pantries are sisters from another mother!

    Rhodes rolls = BEST! (I must say unless of course my dad makes homemade rolls) I even like the wheat ones and usually I"m a wheat bread lover and wheat roll dislike person. Tip: use cold butter and put a good coat on the pan you rise and bake them on, as they rise they soak up the warming butter and they bake oohhh sooo delicious :-).


  2. Very cool suggestions. I am going to have to look for the garlic pepper seasoning. Sounds delicious.

  3. @Katy: Haha, I love it! Your butter suggestion sounds amazing! I will definitely try that next time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you have a great weekend.

    @Crystal: Thanks! I think you'll be happy with it...To me, it gives steak a classic steakhouse taste. Wonderful flavor without masking any of the great steak taste. Have a great weekend!