Sunday, November 27, 2011

The finished product

The kitchen is done!
We’ve still got some cleanup to do and the new dishwasher isn’t completely installed yet since it was delivered yesterday sans some sort of important part, but more or less, it’s done!
Those of you who have been following Make Mine Beef for the last few months may remember the hideousness of the original kitchen — green countertops, white cabinets that were chipping like crazy and a wallpaper border adorned with large grapes.
But now, after months of paint stripping, sanding and painting again, we’ve got: red walls, grey cabinets with new pewter hardware and painted countertops. We also replaced the faucet and replaced the dishwasher (though that last replacement was out of necessity, not for aesthetics).
Here’s a quick look. Decorations to come soon!

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