Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Closer to cooking

Are you as tired of reading about my kitchen remodel as I am of working on it? Well, if so, we’re both in luck. We’re almost done!
I started painting the last 3 cabinet doors this evening while the Mr. put the sink and oven/range back in place.
We still have one portion of the countertop to paint (we saved it for last since it was being used as a workspace), which we’ll probably do Saturday morning. Other than that, all that’s left is just putting a few doors back on and cleaning up our huge mess. We should be done working on everything this weekend, if all goes well.
I’ll provide plenty of pics when it’s complete. But in the meantime, here’s a little teaser.
Here’s a little bit of everything — the newly painted cabinets, countertops and walls:

And here’s a picture of our brand new faucet:

And, lastly, though it’s not related to the kitchen, here’s another painting project I completed tonight. I should have taken a before shot, but what I started with was a dark wood shelf with off-white tin on the front. It was one of those desperation purchases (surely I'm not the only one who has experienced a shelving emergency) I almost instantly regretted until I went after it with some $4 spray paint tonight. I didn’t cover the wood completely so it would look distressed. I’m pretty happy with it and look forward to hanging it on the dining room wall once we've repainted that room.

I’ll be back in the kitchen in the traditional sense ASAP and ready to make up for lost time. Look for a busy blog!

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