Monday, October 17, 2011

If it's the same thing, then why did you write "workspace"?

When I first started this blog back in May, I said in addition to the recipes, cooking and beef buying tips, I’d dedicate a few posts to my life as a cattle industry writer. And while I have made mention of my work travels in a few posts, it dawned on me today that I’d left out a huge part of my job — the things I do from my office.
So, tonight, I thought I’d share a little about what I do on the days I’m at my desk (and throw in a little tour of my workspace for good measure).
Here’s a picture of my desk. Here I write features, compile the magazine’s departments (such as the obituaries or industry news) and assign pieces to our many freelancers. I also conduct phone interviews, transcribe the interviews and do Internet research on the story’s topic here. I also plan our local cattleman’s meetings from the desk. Since you probably aren’t interested in expense reports, check requests or conference calls, I’ll move on…

On the right, you’ll see 2 framed photos. The top 1 is a gift from a Make Mine Beef reader and sweet social media friend from 191 Livestock Co. I feel cooler instantly when I see these Colorado cattle. The photo below is from photographer Russell Graves. He’s one of our regular, super-talented freelance photographers. I won this print in one of his Facebook contests. I got to choose from any of his awesome work, but immediately knew I wanted this shot I’d used in one of my feature stories. While I’m talking about awesome prints, I must also mention the beautiful print I received recently from Coastal Cowboy Photography. I haven’t chosen the perfect frame for it yet, but once it’s framed and hanging, I will definitely share it with you. I think I am going to hang it right above this…

By the way, I will be adding more photos and decorations to the top of the armoire. I just moved it in here Sunday and still have lots of boxes to go through…

The turquoise end table is a brand-new addition to my office. My mom scored the then-hideous green table on the cheap for me to upcycle (Isn’t that what the cool kids are calling it these days? Or did I totally use that word wrong?) into this. I picked up a $3 can of turquoise spray paint from Home Depot and $5 worth of leopard drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby and created this. I’m loving it. As an aside, this picture may prove the Mr.’s point that I can’t shut a drawer or cabinet door. Let’s hope he skips reading this post.
I hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great evening!

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