Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our night in a nutshell: Ribeyes, Rangers and remodeling

Tonight, it’s all about the Rs. (Which, by the way, seems a lot less gangsta than being all about the Benjamins.)

First up, dinner: I grilled Certified Angus Beef ribeyes seasoned generously with garlic pepper and served them with corn and yeast rolls. Yummy.

During dinner, we watched the Rangers play the Tigers in the fifth game of the American League Championship Series.

And, now, it is time to move to the kitchen (in earshot of the game) to continue our DIY remodeling project. A few of you have asked how it’s coming, so here’s a little update: We’re finally about 80- to 85- pecent done with stripping and sanding the all of the cabinets, doors and drawers. Once that’s done, everything (painting the cabinets, painting the countertops and painting the walls) should go pretty quickly and we both hope to never see a heat gun or a scraper again unless it’s on HGTV. Here’s a quick look inside the kitchen:

Of course, construction in the kitchen means a very messy, very cluttered dining room. That’s pretty brutal on a neat freak like myself. Here’s a not-for-the-faint-of-heart tour of my dining room:

Ack! Right?
So, what are you up to tonight? I hope it’s more fun than paint stripping, but just as yummy as ribeyes!

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