Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well, hello there.

Welcome to Make Mine Beef, where a wannabe foodie talks cattle, cooking and a little pop culture.
So, first, a little about me… My name is Katrina and I’m a writer with a passion for the beef industry. As the associate editor for a cattle industry magazine, I get to call some of the best people on Earth — cattle producers — my colleagues and friends.
That being said, this blog is not a part of my job. I’m not being paid to or asked to write about beef to the masses. (Masses? Who am I kidding? Thanks for reading, Mom.) I’m doing it because it’s a product I believe in. And, as someone who likes to rattle on about the benefits and deliciousness of beef, I needed an avenue where I wasn’t limited to 140 characters.
Sometimes I cook healthy, like today’s lunch of sirloin (Did you know sirloin is one of 29 cuts of beef that meet the government’s requirements for lean?) and veggies, and some days I’ll be making good old comfort food, like a hamburger with homemade cheese fries or the Texas favorite chicken fried steak.
But, no matter what’s on the menu, you can bet it’ll feature wholesome, delicious beef.  You can also bet it’ll be something that can be prepared in a reasonable amount of time and without any only-available-in-specialty-markets ingredients. I promise you won’t read any of my entries and think to yourself (as I have when perusing other blogs and cookbooks), “That looks great, but I have a job.”
I’ll also include a few side dishes and lots of baked goods for good measure. My love of food isn’t limited to red meat, after all.
From time to time, you’ll even read about my life outside of the kitchen. You know, writing about the cattle industry, being a new wife in a new town and all that good stuff.
So, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll do it again sometime soon!

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