Monday, May 16, 2011

WebLove: Not all fat is bad

Lots of consumers are looking for lean protein sources these days, and with 29 cuts that meet the government’s definition of lean, beef is a delicious option! But, sometimes, in the search for lean beef, consumers miss out on the best eating experience because they think all fats are created equal and pass up the Choice or Prime beef for fear it's hard on the waistline. 
That’s simply not so, and my friends over at the Black Ink blog do a great job of busting that myth today in this post.
In related news, the Mr. and I enjoyed a great example of some well-marbled (but still lean) strip steaks tonight.  I served them with twice-baked potatoes and had enough of my steak leftover to make a strip steak sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Yum! Our dinner looked like this, except not sideways (Blogger is being a little contrary tonight, but you get the idea):

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