Thursday, July 7, 2011

A salute to my No. 1 kitchen "helper"

Those of you who regularly read Make Mine Beef no doubt have heard me mention the Mr. But you likely haven’t heard about the other being we share our home with — the one who’s always helping me keep an eye on dinner (you know, just in case something were to hit the floor by mistake).
Meet Deuce. We’ve lived in 5 different cities and travelled many miles together during her 8 years of life!

Today is Deuce’s birthday, so what better time to introduce her to you guys?
Deuce loves when I cook bone-in steaks for the Mr. and me, because that means she gets to enjoy a frozen bone the next day. She rarely gets human treats, but when she does, her favorites are popcorn and Cheetos.
She likes car rides, though she rarely stays awake more than 5 miles.
She likes pillows, and has been known to steal one to rest her head on.
She dislikes when cats wander up on our front porch.
Her nemesis is the vacuum cleaner.
I’ll leave you with a few more pics of Deuce, because, well, I take a lot of pictures!
All dressed for a rare snowy day in Texas!

Oh, now I remember green grass!

One of my favorites. Taken with actual black and white film!

A long time ago - Deuce was a puppy and I was (almost) a blonde!


  1. Happy Birthday Deuce....your a beautiful girl! My dog Skye agrees about the cats....the porch is dog territory!