Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ask Make Mine Beef: Part one

Since the launch of Make Mine Beef back in May, I’ve received quite a few questions about beef, the cattle industry and my cooking. I love that! I’m always happy to answer questions — and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does!
From time to time, I’ll choose a couple of the most-asked or recently-asked questions and post the questions and answers on the blog. After all, I’m a firm believer that if one person has a question, someone else probably has the same one.
So, let’s get to the first edition of Ask Make Mine Beef!
Q:  Do you eat beef every day?
A:  Almost. Probably, on average, I eat beef about 6 days per week.
Q:  Do you eat so much beef out of obligation, because you work in the industry?
A:  Absolutely not. I grew up eating a lot of beef, and just never really quit. I love the taste and versatility, and lean beef is much more satisfying (and gives me more energy) than comparable lean meats. While I do feel even better about choosing beef because of my occupation and the hard-working ranchers I’ve made friends with along the way, it’s not the only factor in my purchasing decisions.
Q:  Do you have a favorite dry rub for steaks? What about a marinade?
A:  As regular Make Mine Beef readers know, my go-to seasoning for beef is garlic pepper. However, when I’m not using garlic pepper to season my steaks or burgers, I’m usually using the Perini Ranch Rub, developed by the legendary Tom Perini.
As for a favorite marinade, it depends what I’m making. If I’m marinating flank steak or a sirloin for fajitas, quesadillas or nachos, I use my own blend of oil, lime juice and garlic. (For the specifics, see this recipe.) But, if I’m marinating a roast or a sirloin to eat traditionally, I’m a big fan of Weber Grill Creations Black Peppercorn Marinade.
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