Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend wrap-up and the week ahead

Greetings, beef lovers! I hope you all had a great weekend and got to eat something delicious.
The Mr. and I took a trip to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex this weekend to celebrate (albeit a little late) our 1st wedding anniversary, which was Aug. 23. We had a great time and some great food.
Saturday morning, we headed out. Our first stop once we hit the metroplex was lunch at Hooters. Now, I know what you’re thinking: 1.) Who eats at Hooters on their fake anniversary? And 2.) That’s a chicken joint!
But, as weird as it may sound, Hooters has a special place in our hearts. We ate there quite a bit together while we were still dating (and even once before), and we both really like the food. It became a bit of a tradition for us, and we’ve now eaten at Hooters in 5 different states (Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Hawaii and Maryland). We’re going for all 50!
And as far as the chicken goes, I actually eat beef there. Every time. They have a terrific hamburger and some of my all-time favorite fries (curly, well-seasoned and made even better with a side of jalapeno cheese sauce).
Later that day, it was off to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for their game against the Mariners, which the Rangers won, 7-3. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we headed to nearby Pappadeaux — something you definitely can’t get around here but we always fit it in when we’re traveling. Later that night, we saw Moneyball, the based-on-a-true-story movie starring Brad Pitt and that guy from Superbad. I definitely recommend it — we really liked it, and neither of us thought it was too long, which is saying a lot for 2 people who placed the 2+ hour length on the cons side of list when choosing which movie we would see. (What can I say? It's hard to hold our attention that long. My DVR was out last week, forcing me to watch the entire 2-hour season premiere of Grey's Anatomy. INCLUDING COMMERCIALS. I whined about it the whole time, and threatened to quit the show several times. Of course these whines and threats were directed only at Deuce, since the Mr. was understandably nowhere near the room where a 2-hour Grey's Anatomy was on.)
Sunday morning we got up in time to make it to Fred’s Texas CafĂ© for brunch. Fred’s brunch was a regular thing when we were dating (and I lived in the metroplex), but we hadn’t had a chance to get it in about a year. It did not disappoint — the sourdough biscuits and gravy were just as good as we remembered!
We got back yesterday afternoon in time for me to get my grocery shopping done and the laundry started — and to “pay” my dog sitter, who was nice enough to come take care of Deuce while we’re away in exchange for only a big container of my homemade salsa and a dinner that included onion rings.
This coming week is a busy one, and I’ll be out of town (and the kitchen) Wednesday through Saturday for work. But there’s lots of good stuff to come in October on Make Mine Beef, so I hope you’ll stick around. And, if you haven’t liked us yet on Facebook, be sure to visit
Have a great week!

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