Friday, August 26, 2011

The draft, the kitchen and the food

This weekend, my home will be filled with guys toting laptops and notebooks, their heads filled with rankings, rushing yards and injury reports.
See, the Mr. serves as commissioner of a fantasy football team and Saturday is draft day. It’s also his birthday eve, so the yearly event also serves as a birthday gathering of sorts.
In preparation for the event, we spent last night getting to a stopping point on the kitchen remodel so we could put most of the cabinet’s contents back in their places and have a usable kitchen. So far, we’ve stripped and sanded the top level of cabinets.  When we quit last night, it looked like this:

Once the weekend’s events are over, we’ll start stripping and sanding the lower level cabinets. Once we’ve made sure they all match, we’ll stain them. (If we run into a snag and they don’t match, we’ll paint.) Next, it’s on to paint the countertopsgoodbye, green! — and walls and re-grout the tile.
Tonight, the cooking begins. The Mr. will be smoking a brisket (post to come) while I’ll be baking his birthday cake, these brownies and making my homemade salsa.
What are you all up to this weekend?

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