Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brisket: budget-friendly and delicious!

Who says you can’t feed beef to a big crowd without blowing your grocery budget?
Enter the super flavorful brisket. When properly prepared (cooked low and slow), the cut becomes fall-apart tender. It also meets the government’s guidelines for lean.
I eat a lot of brisket on the job — it’s a staple at cattlemen’s events in Texas — but by far, my favorite is the Mr.’s
His super secret spicy dry rub and slow smoking technique makes for a craveable hunk of meat that’s as good on a sandwich a few days later as it is freshly cut. When we have leftover brisket, we usually save some as sliced beef (my favorite) and make chopped BBQ (his favorite) out of the remaining. To make chopped BBQ, all you have to do is chop the brisket and simmer it in your favorite BBQ sauce. Ours is Head Country’s Original. Sliced beef makes for great sandwiches and tacos, while chopped beef is great filler for sandwiches or baked potatoes.
Here’s what it looks like, freshly sliced:


  1. Looks great. Willy likes brisket and has a great recipe that works great or brisket. Making Willy hungry.

    10-4 Willy

  2. Thanks, Willy! It's hard to beat a good brisket.

  3. I love brisket and whenever I hangout with my friends I bring my emson smoker so that we can make a good smoked brisket then mixed it with mashed potatoes and serve it with tacos.

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