Monday, August 13, 2012

Beef love in print, chipotle flank steak recipe

I’m a complete magazine junkie. So, it’s probably no surprise that I get just plain giddy when beef is being featured in one of the many mainstream magazines I either subscribe to, pick up at the grocery store or airport or glance at while I’m getting my hair cut.
When this month’s Redbook arrived, I was happy to spot 2 beefy mentions.
1.       This ad from the Beef Checkoff, featuring a yummy-sounding recipe and a photo and note from one of the many real ranching families who feed the world. Even better, I know this family and they have a tremendous love for the land and dedication to the industry.

2.       This fun fact about Guy Fieri. While Redbook may have given the credit to the eggplant he didn’t want, it’s important to remember what he did want: steak.

Where have you spotted positive mentions of beef lately?

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